Burning Alive

My Favorite poem I ever wrote…way back from in HS…a very passion-filled piece.

Burning Alive

Dark and mysterious
our souls branded the same
Your soft words spoken
and the way you say my name…
quicken my pulse.
Your image in my head
makes it impossible to think clearly
Thick, soft, pink lips,
haunting eyes and that
raging spirit.
Something dangerous
hangs between us
but I want to flirt
with danger
draw it nearer and nearer
til I am consumed by the flames
My flesh burning
My soul yearning
Take me in
swallow me whole
Hold my hand
hear the bells toll
Fantasies and secret desires
the dragon has come and spit its fire
our hearts exchanging demons
and our tongues exchanging passions
Our bodies entangled
Thrashing through the night
It’s a wild ride,
so we hold on tight
I feel you inside every inch of me
Your scent fills my lungs
Such intensity
I never could have imagined
The flames continue to grow
and in our hearts we know
The thoughts of others
the wishes of mere mortals.
The ones who dance outside the flames
refusing the passion
that is life…
and love.
We grasp that which causes pain
Holding on tight
until it’s sharpness cuts
drawing blood from both.
The red smears into the creamy white flesh that is ours.
Sun rises and we must now part ways
taking each other in our hearts
until the fire…
and the night…
bring us together…


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